Final Accounts

We understand all your issues. We prepare your accounts to a standard where the Accountant has to do very little to prepare your final accounts. We prepare thorough workpapers with attached documentation for each line item of the Final Accounts. This is then provided to the Accountant thus making it easy for your accountant to prepare the Final Accounts. Also if your accountant has any questions, they can direct the questions to us. We attempt to answer as many queries as possible from the information that we have thus relieving stress from your shoulders. We consolidate all the queries that we cannot answer and then coordinate with you to get the response. These are then consolidated and forwarded to your accountant thus ensuring smoother flow of information and smoother Final Account preparation. 

However, if you dont have an Accountant of we are also linked to a Chartered Accounting company who can prepare the final accounts for you at a very reasonable costs. The reason for reduced price is quite simple:

  • accounts are coded as per their standard
  • workpapers are produced which makes it easy for accountant to prepare Final Accounts
  • all invoices attached to the transactions providing critical information to accountant is readily available
  • all expenditures (deductible and non-deductible) are correctly treated
  • depreciation rates for each of the asset are available and input into the system

This reduces time involved by the Accountant in preparation of Final Accountant thus reducing costs in preparation of Final Accounts considerably.