IRD Debt Write-off

Did you know that IRD wrote off $4.9 billion in tax debts owed by more than a million taxpayers since 2009 financial year? There are many things which impact the IRD' s decision for write-off, including:

  • type of debt
  • reasons for debt
  • the state of business at present
  • the future of the company
  • cashflows expected in future
  • can the debt be paid off in future


So if you feel that you have a genuine case then you should talk to us. We help in:

  • studying your case and making recommendations on where there are issues
  • work with you in preparation of documentation required for the case, this includes financials, cashflow forecast, documentation supporting financial strife etc
  • prepare business case which will be customised to your need
  • get the business case peer reviewed to ensure top quality and maximum impact

So why don't you talk to us to see if we can help you. Click here for our contact details.