Medium Companies Pricing Plans

We acknowledge that Medium Companies have range of complexities from stocks to range of employment contracts to a requirement that we have to spend some portion of our time at the client site. Our pricing plans depends upon your unique situation. Considering this, we offer 2 options:

Per hour rate

If you think that the workload will vary each week/month then it is better to choose per hour rate. We will monitor the time we spend on your account and send you our timesheet. Once you approve the timesheet then accordingly we work out the charges and send you the bill for payment. Our rates vary depending upon whether we have to spend some time at your office (onsite) 

  • Onsite rate: we charge a flat rate of $25 per hour. The number of onsite hours will be worked out based on the nature of work, the support that you need, To help you reduce your costs, we always endeavour to keep Onsite hours to minimal.
  • Offsite rate: we charge a flat rate of $15 per hour. 

Fixed rate per month

If you want more certainty around your monthly administration costs, we can offer you a flat rate per month fixed for 2 years provided that the level of processing does not increase by more than 30% and subject to an acceptable level of onsite hours. The fixed rate per month will be worked out based on your requirement

Please contact us to discuss your requirement and we will be more than happy to work something for you depending on your unique requirement.