Taxation services 

We will assist you to fulfill your tax obligations and make the process as simple as possible. This can include wages, GST returns, FBT returns, and Income Tax Returns and if you are a company it will include meeting all financial reporting standards and disclosures.

Our Taxation work includes:

Compliance Tax Returns (GST / PAYE / FBT etc)

We specialise in working with small to medium sized businesses and assist a variety of businesses from manufacturing to property investors, retailers to consultants. We work alongside clients to provide tailored information and constructive advice on a regular basis, that includes preparing various GST, PAYE and other compliance returns. By preparing these returns for our clients, we have upto date information and are therefore able to provide timely and relevant advice.

Tax Advice

We can help you with all the various taxes the Government throw at us all – Income Tax, GST, PAYE, FBT, RWT, ACC, etc etc as well as communication with the Inland Revenue Department on your behalf.

We understand just how much work is involved in keeping your business running efficiently. And you usually have more important things to do than worry about all the changes in the tax laws every year. That is where we can help.

Our goal is to optimize your taxation position. We help you manage your obligations, making sure you know about your tax liabilities as soon as possible and sending reminders so you pay your tax on time. 

We will also assist you in setting up and maintaining systems to complete your own GST, PAYE & FBT returns, if you wish.