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A One Accounts Limited is an IRD registered tax agency and certified Accountants. We provide range of services to all kinds of organisations like Sole Traders, Small and Medium Organisation and Large Corporates. We have a unique offer – a combination of onsite and offsite bookkeeping. We provide all the services whether it involves accounts receivable/payable to raising invoices or chasing overdue accounts to preparing your final accounts and managing your taxation services. Our services include:

Taxation services include: 
•    Tax saving advice 
•    IRD return filing including GST, FBT, PAYE and IR3 
•    IRD debt restructuring or on case by case basis debt write-off 
•    Assistance with IRD / GST Audits 

Accounting services include: 
•    Accounts recreation 
•    bookeeping and accounting services for sole traders, companies, partnerships 
•    Accounts payable and receivable 
•    Debtors Follow-up 
•    Financial statements 

We offer Onsite and offsite services i.e. We can visit to your place of business/home as and when required anywhere. 


  • Cost effective – No matter what your situation we can save you atleast between 40-50% of your time and cost through our efficient processes 
  • Software – We offer free accounting software subscription. We specialise in Wave Accounting. We are also Xero and MYOB certified 
  • Specialized Expertise – We specialize in our work. We make sure to constantly improve in our field to keep up with the competition, while keeping up with changing taxation laws therefore increasing the quality of our work. This allows you access to the best accounting tools and save you time in keeping up with changing laws and regulations 


Hiring an Employee vs Our services

We offer at least the same, but often  more services that you can get from hiring an employee. 

When you hire a staff, you have to:

x   Face hiring headaches – get the right mix of experience, skills and cost. This is especially a problem if you are hiring part-time staff
x   Constant management of staff – attendance & productivity
x   Finding back-up when they go on leave or are ill
x   Training of new staff
x   Training costs of keeping staff skilled in new technology (eg software upgrades)
x   Staff turnover

Not only do we free you up from the above, there also other advantages to you:

  • Lower total costs, better productivity.
  • Fewer staff to manage - freed up to run your business or have more leisure time.
  • Scalability – our price is fixed for 2 years unless your business grows by more than 20%
  • We skills on board to provide you with other services e.g. profitability analysis, job costing, finance applications etc. You decide whether you need these additional services – we don’t believe in charging for services that you may or may not use.
  • We can provide interim business management cover in case of ill-health or extended vacation.

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